Winter Warmer Appeal

Warm space, warm food, warm hearts

4000 children in Brighton are living below the poverty line. So, a fun day in a warm space with nutritious food will really mean the world to them this winter.

Thank you friends who donated to our Winter Warmer Appeal and helping us to extend our FREE collaborative family sessions. 

We raised over £3000! 

Our dressing up and craft activities create happy shared experiences for children and carers and breathing space from sometimes very difficult  
life situations.  

Our partners provide nourishing food and refreshment and together we ensure that families in the most disadvantaged areas are given the opportunities to be interactive, connected, and creative. 

Your donations will play a vital role in bridging the hunger gap, and supporting the wellbeing of families through these community-led family sessions.

Why do local communities need our support?

This year the need for family sessions has vastly increased with even more families struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.  

The number of partners we work with has tripled. 

That's why we continue to work with local community groups to provide free family sessions in some of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the city, combining nutritious food in a warm nurturing space with Gladrags lifting spirits with their joyful blend of
dressing-up corners and textile crafts.

And why we need your help to reach more families and give them these same opportunities. 

"Some families in Bevendean might not class themselves as struggling because they are  
just about coping. But they are actually living below the poverty line and might be  
a family of 5, living in a 2-bed flat, or busy caring for a partner or children with health issues. Family sessions provide a safe social space that enables them to come out of their isolation in all this. As well as making friends, they can share info on support schemes they access, that means a lot to a parent." - Mitchie Alexander Chomp, Bevendean. 

What impact do these sessions have for families?

.1 in 3 children in East Brighton live in poverty, which is where most of our collaborative family sessions take place. 

That’s why every donation you make plays a vital role in bridging the food and wellbeing gap. Christmas is a time of year when we can reflect on how, together, we can help communities.

In these collaborative sessions we help stave off isolation and bring local communities together.

We’ve seen that when families are heartily fed and given the opportunities to be interactive, sociable and creative - they can thrive.

“We are closely involved with many children from families with a whole variety of challenges.  Gladrags help us reach people in very different ways that we  
wouldn't be able to do without their creativity, enthusiasm and expert skills.  
Working together, we can really break down barriers and spread joy!" - Chris Llewellyn, The Bevy Pub

Rail of vintage clothes outside shop window



'We are a family with divergent needs and low income. This means we can take part in things and give the children chances to just be kids and enjoy themselves.' A parent at a Chomp Bevendean session.



Text : Brighton Vintage Pop-Up Shop

You can still support our free family sessions

When you donate here, you'll be helping Gladargs to continue playing a part in
bridging the food and wellbeing gap and bringing people together
who are living on the poverty line.

Or if you are staging an event this year you can help too! 

Could you: Donate a percentage of proceeds from your event? Add a donation function to Ticket sales? Donate proceeds of programme sales? Organise a raffle? Check out our Fundrasing for us page for more information.

In these ever-challenging times we and our partners are bringing families together to offer joyful inclusive experiences in warm spaces across the city.  

Every donation you continue to make to our will play a vital role in giving families the opportunities to be nourished, sociable, and to be creative through the transformational benefits of costume.

Together we bring local communities together, offering a warm space, warm food and warm hearts.