Donating Costumes, Props, Artefacts or Haberdashery?

Thank you for thinking of us! Please contact us here.

Gladrags’ collection of theatrical and historical costumes has grown over the past 25 years by receiving kind donations from many sources and we are extremely grateful for the impact we are able to make as a charity because of these contributions.

So that we don’t run out of room at our store, and because we are passionate about sharing resources, we sometimes make a decision to pass on costumes / fabrics to community groups who, for example, need to have their own costume box. We also sell items to raise funds for our community projects, for example surplus stock or clothes that have a second-hand value. 

If you feel that you would not want this to happen to your donations, then please reconsider whether Gladrags is the right place for them and see our recommendations below of other places to give to at the end of this page.

If you are a community group or good cause that would like more information about our ‘costume re-homing’ scheme, please email us at [email protected] or use the contact form


Currently we are still accepting donations of useful items (see below) and we are being extra careful about accepting items safely.

In order to help us receive donations safely we ask the following:

  • Please email or call ahead to confirm what you have to offer and arrange a suitable drop off time. We’re open by appointment only, currently on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 10am to 6pm. 
  • We might also ask you to send us photos of what you are offering us. 
  • Limited to amount - Max two bin bags.
  • Sift your donations to ensure what you offer us is relevant (see below).Generally speaking a few well chosen gems are more useful to us than a large bag of mixed donations. 
  •  Please make sure everything is in a securely zipped / tied bag, to be placed in the Donations Box when you arrive. Bags will be quarantined for 48 hrs before we are able to sort them, therefore we are afraid we will not be able to look through items in your presence.
  • Our reception area at Gladrags is like our ‘shop floor’, so you will need to enter wearing a mask, unless you are exempt. If this is a problem and it isn’t raining you can drop costumes outside whilst we are there.
  • If it is difficult to bring donations to us, we will try to arrange collection. In this case, ideally greet our collector outside and bring your sealed bags, which should not have been opened for 48hrs.


What we can accept (storage permitting)

  • Vintage in good condition
  • Bridal occasionally
  • Useful theatrical and/or historical style costumes e.g. Sherlock Holmes cape, Medieval dress tunic, military jacket. 
  • Theatre or Panto costumes  from previous productions
  • Authentic world dress, traditional or modern
  • Animals (and sometimes food-based costumes e.g. banana)
  • Small items suitable for reminiscence - e.g. old tickets, programmes, childhood memorabilia
  • Matching / sets of costumes or accessories - sometimes 
  • Small props occasionally, especially if suitable for reminiscence or teaching resources
  • Fabric pieces e.g. uncut remnants 1m and over


What we can't accept - 

  • Large Props - e.g. bric-a-brac or any large items like furniture 
  • Fancy Dress- e.g. all-in-one replica / character / novelty costumes in shiny / nylon fabrics e.g. evacuee, Jack Sparrow;  non-durable novelty accessories e.g. made of card, flimsy plastic; , or  'sexy costumes' e.g. ‘sexy’ firefighter. 
  • Real animal fur
  • Underwear
  • Weapons
  • Modern denim, t-shirts, hoodies, woolies, stretchy clothes and trainers
  • Damaged clothing or items


We have generally have plenty of the following -

Hats, belts, shoes, ties, gloves, modern style clothing, and fabric scraps. If in doubt please ask us! email [email protected]


Some alternative places to donate to ensure your items are used and otherwise are responsibly recycled -

Let us know if there is anywhere you know of, that re-uses, and recycles and we can update our list. 

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