Reminiscence for Gladrags means celebrating and acknowledging the memories and stories that our elders have to share with each other and with us. We run our own projects and provide reminsicence resources to a range of local groups.

MEMORIES MATTER is a reminiscence project we run, igniting meaningful memory sharing and contributing to the well-being of older people. The groups we work with are formed of people coming together as a means of being socially active, often because they are experiencing isolation.  Our themed Memory Boxes act as a sensory aid to unlocking treasured memories and sparking the sharing of past experiences.

The costumes and accessories helped to bring to life memories that had been dormant for many a year and brought great jollity to the group!

Caroline Carter

Patching Lodge

Our themed Memory Boxes are available to hire for your own reminiscence activities too at very low cost. They contain vintage clothing, accessories and everyday items from times gone by and can be tailored to fit your era, theme or activity. You can also hire your own rail of costumes!

It’s good to be reminded that people of all ages can have fun dressing up, so we might bring along a rail of vintage clothing to fit with the theme or era we’re exploring, and sometimes we share all things bright and beautiful from our vast stock to create a sparkling photo booth…..

“I do believe dressing up – and I see the look on people’s faces – we’re all in the same boat, all enjoying every minute of it! It’s being something that you’re not. For a moment in time you’re gonna be a soldier or a sailor or an acrobatic”

Len (pictured centre)

Young at Heart Group, Moulsecoomb

Local projects have included:

  • Regular reminiscence sessions and dress-up days with the Young at Heart Group in Moulsecoomb
  • Memory making events and reminiscence sessions (1950s-1970s) in partnership with The Keep – On Your Doorstep Project.
  • Farming life 1900 – 1950s – photoshoot for Bevendean History Group.
  • “What we wore” session (1950s-1960s) and “Razzle Dazzle” box for Patching Lodge/ Lifelinesreminiscence week.

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