We are a unique charity providing over 7000 affordable costumes. ************************ WE ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. ************************* You can still contact us for future enquiries via this website or on 07940 295623.

For LEA schools and colleges, community groups, charities and low-budget projects our sliding scale prices start at £3 an outfit per week with membership, meaning that you can benefit from the variety and professional quality of our costumes at a fraction of the average commercial cost.

Individuals can hire PARTY OUTFITS from us too from £20 an outfit. Professional film, TV and theatre companies also hire from us at this rate and together you all help to subsidise the low rates we offer to our beneficiary groups, making their fantastic projects possible.

As a charity we are committed to reaching groups and individuals who experience disadvantage, isolation and marginalisation. To this end we turn our skills and resources into transformative and educational tools,  delivering creative experiential activities within communities of need. Find out here about our resources for schoolseducational workshops, Storybox sessions, reminiscence provision, and the magical dress-up tent we provide to community events!

We pride ourselves in making the experience of choosing and using costumes an accessible, enjoyable and rewarding one for all. You are welcome to browse and get inspiration for your project, bring your group, or take costumes away for fittings free of charge. We offer a range of additional provisions to help with design projects, including costume-making equipment, reference library and free recycled fabrics. Read More.

We look forward to seeing you at Gladrags soon..

Please contact us for further information or future enquries

Opening times: ****************************** CURRENTLY CLOSED ****************************** Please contact us for future enquiries.

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Mob: 07940 295623


Unit 10 Westergate Business Centre
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