Educational Workshops

4 female pupils from Patcham Junior School  pose in costume as suffragettes and wearing 'Votes for Women' sashes made in Gladrags sewing workshop.

First UK women's vote, restaged during our Suffragette Workshop at Patcham Jumior School, exactly 100 years on: 14th December, 2018. 


At Gladrags we believe in spreading the joy and skill of sewing, especially to children, so that they can take these skills into adult life,
and pass them on to others themselves. Some projects go even further, linking the history of dress to our lives today.

           Moulsecoomb Primary School                                      Coombe Road School                                        Patcham Junior School

Our Sew-Easy project delivers skill-building workshops to children and young people with special educational and emotional needs. With us they explore a variety of textile crafts over several weeks in a fun and nurturing environment. The practical skills they gain develop fine motor coordination, which helps to improve their hand-writing ability at school.  The sense of achievement and fullfilment the children receive upon creating colourful and beautifully crafted items invites a sense of pride and self esteem. By working predominantly in schools based in the poorest areas, we are able to reach children most in need.

Girl pupils from Coldean Primary School posing in T-shirts they restyled at Gladrags Recycled Fashion workshop

Our Recycled Fashion Clubs are designed for children to:

  • acquire skills for life, learning core sewing and repairing techniques
  • have fun customising their own clothes with recycled materials
  • develop an understanding of a sustainable approach to clothing and fashion

The learning is also driven by story. So the importance of recycling clothes finds purpose in making accessories for a fashion show; or the significance of a dress-up day at the Gladrags store finds children and young people using costume to express themselves in safe and imaginative contexts.


Gladrags has been running sewing and craft workshops in Brighton and Newhaven since 2009! These workshops are mostly funded by us and we are always looking for new groups of children to share our skills with.

Group of pupils from Moulsecoomb Primary School in costume outside the Gladrags store

                      Moulsecoomb Primary School’s Sew-Easy group visit Gladrags for a fimal session: Make Your Dreams Come True!

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