Covid Safety Measures and Info for Customers

We are doing all we can to remain open and in addition to social distancing measures we are complying with government requirements and industry guidelines in relation to the handling of garments and fabric. That said we are not able to guarantee non-transmission of the virus, therefore you need to assess and accept the relative risk of visiting Gladrags.

We appreciate that you may not be concerned about the risk to yourself of catching the virus; we are asking everyone to act as if you were a potential carrier of covid-19 to protect others who may be vulnerable which includes volunteers, staff and other visitors. This is reflected in the measures set out below.

 Prior to your visit please make sure you have:

 a CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT SLOT, agreeing to our pre-appointment statement.

  • read our guidelines below.
  • told us what costumes etc you need and sent us any additional info (e.g. measurements) as agreed between us.
  • planned to come alone or with one other person only.
  • planned a maximum 1 hour visit as far as possible (not including waiting for a costume list)
  • brought your own mask.

Please do not attend your appointment if you feel at all unwell.

Upon arrival please:

  • arrive through the front door at the agreed appointment time.
  • arrive wearing your own mask (though spares are provided in case).
  • don gloves that we will provide if you will be handling garments / returning costumes.
  • in other cases, don a mask and use the hand sanitizer at the front desk / wash and dry your hands immediately.
  • check in with the Supervisor (Vania or Saskia) who will greet you.
  • remain in the reception area, at the front of the store unless directed otherwise.
  • remember to social distance at all times (2m, or 1m where 2m isn’t possible).
  • keep your belongings with you.


Selecting costumes:

We have had to adjust the usual free-form viewing experience and have split the store into separate zones (zone detail at the end of this doc). If you need a large number of costumes you may need to make more than one visit. Gladrags staff will be working individually in these zones and choosing costumes will work as follows:

  • There will be two main options for viewing / selecting costumes etc. (see below); we will determine with you the most practical approach.
  • Like you, our staff will be wearing gloves and masks to handle costumes and whilst interacting with you during this process.
  • You will be able to take away surplus costume options to be tried on away from the store, paying hire costs only for items you ultimately use.
  • Our changing rooms will not be open, however you can exceptionally ask to try outfits on over clothes, in the reception area. Anything tried and not to be hired will be quarantined.

Option 1: Inform us in advance of your costume needs. Gladrags staff will source costume options for you from their respective zones and bring them to a designated rail in reception for you to view and select from there. If you tell us your costume needs well in advance of your appointment, we will usually be able to prepare initial options for you on our previous working day. You will be able to select from these as well as request further options to get the best selection.

Option 2: if you know the store well you may be able to browse for items independently within specific zones, with staff assistance being given verbally but not physically. You will need to be well organised and try to complete your search in one zone before moving on to the next, bringing chosen items to a designated rail in reception.

Option 3: if you know the store well and you need a wide range of costumes from across all or most zones, we may be able to arrange a full browsing session for you. This would need to be at the end of a working day and you would need to accept the risk of browsing where others will have been doing so during the day. If you are bringing a colleague who is new to Gladrags you would need to help support them in orienting themselves around the store.  We would give staff assistance verbally but not physically. You will need to be well organised and try to complete your search in one zone before moving on to the next, bringing chosen items to a designated rail in reception.

Hire transactions:

  • Items will be listed (sometimes photographed) and handed over to you in sealed (e.g. zipped / tied) bags or garment covers.
  • You will be given a paper copy of the hire form and emailed any photos.
  • Depending on the type of hire, usual procedures regarding cleaning of costumes will apply.
  • Payments: onsite contactless / card payments or invoicing as much as possible; cash payments if necessary.


Returning costumes:

 Our procedures for returning costumes will be explained to you in store. Key points are:

  • Make an appointment to return costumes
  • Allow time for checking off costumes with us as necessary
  • Seal all bags and ideally quarantine for 48hrs before returning them to us.
  • Unquarantined bags will be opened 3 days later and checked off at that point.

Health and safety:

  • We will keep both doors open and deal with some returns outdoors as much as is practically possible.
  • Each zone has a health & safety station. Any gloves / wipes used should be placed in the nearest pedal bin provided (please ask).
  • Bathroom: please let us know if you need the bathroom as we will disinfect key touch points after use.
  • Kitchen: this is currently for use by volunteers and staff only. Please bring your own refreshments.
  • There are covid-safety posters in the store if you need to refresh on safety guidance.
  • Gladrags 'end-of-day' routines will include disinfecting key touch points across the store.
  • If you have an accident or fall ill at the store and require first aid, Saskia or Vania, our first-aiders, will attend to you according to NHS advice.
  • If you start feeling ill with suspected Covid-19 in the store, alert the supervisor immediately and they will attend to you according to NHS advice.

Deliveries / collections / unannounced visits:

  • Anyone coming to the store unannounced will be spoken to outdoors by the supervisor only.
  • Please make an arrangement with us for non-costume deliveries or collections as far as possible.
  • Hiring customers will only be able to enter with a pre-arranged appointment.
  • Donations: thank you for thinking of us and please see our procedures at


ZONE 1 Aisles: sparkly/ carnival/ fancy dress / panto/ clowns/ hallow’een/ sets/ animals / coats; uniforms (military & civilian) / world dress / nightwear / sportswear / boots.

ZONE 2 Aisles: medieval-anglosaxon-viking/ cloaks/ ancient world / prehistoric / religious/ academic / courts; womenswear tudor to modern / wedding dresses and evening gowns / undergarments / men’s shoes.

ZONE 3 Aisles: menswear tudor to modern + frockcoats and formalwear; childrenswear (12 yrs & under): tudor to modern, world dress, fancy dress, hallow’een, uniforms. Accessories (hats, wigs, scarves, gloves, bow-ties etc). Props. Women’s / children’s shoes.

ZONE 9: Reception

ZONE 10: Kitchen / bathroom

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these unusual times.