Updated 3rd January 2021


  1. Summary
  2. Prior to your visit

3. Your visit

4. Covid-safety promise

5. Disclaimer

6. Donations and Re-homing


  1. We are remaining open in January 2021, with caution, and primarily to resource educational, film and Arts projects which are able to continue working within the current government regulations. We are closed to the general public.
  2. We are open two days a week (Tues 10-2 and Fri 10-6) to allow for a natural quarantine period for our costumes and artefacts.
  3. Click and collect will take place outside.
  4. Please contact us in advance by phone or email and tell us in detail what you need.
  5. We will prepare your order and add surplus items where necessary, free of charge and you will be able to exchange items for more suitable ones.
  6. Book an appointment and come alone to the store, or if necessary with one other person only, wearing masks.
  7. We are grateful for donations and ask that you keep hold of them if possible until Tier 4 restrictions have eased. We have significantly reduced rehoming during this period but you can contact us with requests.

Read our full procedures below. We are reviewing these weekly and in line with government requirements and will update this website to reflect any changes or closure.



Please make sure you have:

  • planned to come alone or if necessary with one other person only.
  • planned to collect or deliver items only, at the agreed time.
  • if you are hiring items, contacted us in advance, by email or phone, and told us the following:
  • what amount and type of costumes / props / artefacts you need.
  • or which resource box you need, including theme, size of box (see more info here) and how long you need it for.

    Please do not attend your appointment if you feel at all unwell.


Prior to a hire collection we will:

  • gather further info from you in order to accurately prepare your order e.g. theme, sizes, measurements, ages (if for children).
  • as agreed and as necessary, send you photos of initial costume options from which you can make a refined selection, or request alternatives.
  • or, offer a live virtual viewing via Whatsapp in which we can together select the right items for you.
  • we will add surplus items to your order where applicable, free of charge, for you to try garments on away from the store, and you will be able to return to exchange items for more suitable ones if necessary.
  • with suitable notice your items will be prepared at least 3 days in advance, and not handled until your arrival (i.e. Tues for a Fri pick-up / Fri for Tues pick-up).



  • Upon arrival please ring the bell and wait for us to greet you, with your mask on.
  • We will handle you collection / delivery outside. If it is raining, please follow signs to the back door, which is under shelter.

Hire procedures:

  • Items will be listed (sometimes photographed) and handed over to you in sealed (e.g. zipped / tied) bags, boxes or garment covers.
  • You will be given a paper copy of the hire form and sent any photos by email or WhatsApp.
  • Depending on the type of hire, usual procedures regarding cleaning of costumes will apply.
  • Payments: onsite contactless / card payments or invoicing are preferable.

Returning hired items:

  • Make an appointment to return costumes.
  • Make sure to check everything off your list before items are returned to us.
  • Seal all bags / lid boxes before returning them to us.
  • Your items will be quarantined until our next day of opening.
  • Deposits will be refunded once all items have been checked off i.e. 3 days after returning items, as applicable.
  • If you have taken surplus items, let us know which you used, and separate out any items that need cleaning.


  • Rigorous covid-safety procedures in store, including designated individual work zones and a reduced team.
  • School resource boxes, and most other pre-orders will have been quarantined in sealed, clean, plastic boxes or bags for 3 days prior to your collection.
  • Staff and volunteers wear mask and gloves whilst interacting with you and handling your collection / delivery on the day of your appointment.
  • Appointments are spaced apart to avoid customers overlapping.



We are doing all we can to remain open and are complying with government requirements and industry guidelines in relation to the handling of garments and fabric. That said we are not able to 100% guarantee non-transmission of the virus, therefore you need to assess and accept the relative risk of collecting items from Gladrags.



Donations of costumes, props and artefacts: thank you for thinking of us, we are so grateful for your continued support. We are trying to reduce the number of visits to Gladrags and external items coming into the store. Please consider holding onto items until Tier 4 restrictions have eased. Please also see our procedures at

Rehoming scheme: we have surplus costumes and fabrics to gift to schools, charities and community groups. Whilst you are not able to select items during Tier 4, if you are looking for anything specific, please contact us so that we can reserve items for you or arrange a collection.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these unusual times.