We are a unique, creative, eco-minded charity providing over 7000 costumes to schools, youth and community groups, amateur & fringe theatre, and the wider arts community.

By offering subsidised costume hire packages, we resource activities that are
educational, that entertain communities or that support wellbeing.

Funding for this is boosted by sharing our high quality stock with professional film and theatre companies
and providing vintage and theatrical party outfits to the general public.

95% of our collection is made up of quality donated, recycled and repurposed garments and artefacts.
Built up since 1994, they are at the core of our long-standing commitment to be part of the solution to a sustainable textile industry.

We are open BY APPOINTMENT Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 10am to 6pm
View our current post-lockdown hire procedures here

Costume provision: Whether you are a small youth group or a film production company we can cater to your needs, with a range of costumes, accessories and props suitable for adults, young people and children. Our historical costumes and vintage outfits span from stone-age to present day, and we stock further collections of authentic world dress, uniforms, animals, fantasy and much more. Read on.

Our affordable costume service provides LEA schools and colleges, community groups, charities and low-budget projects with sliding scale prices start at £3 an outfit per week with membership, This means that you can benefit from the variety and professional quality of our costumes at a fraction of the average commercial cost. 

We provide resource boxes tailored to: school curriculuum topics, heritage and reminisicence activities, wellbeing sessions. Find out about all our resources for schools here.

We pride ourselves in making the experience of choosing and wearing our costumes an accessible, enjoyable and rewarding one for all, acknowledging diverse needs. We offer a range of additional provisions to help with creative and design projects, including costume-making equipment, reference library and free recycled fabrics.

Outreach programme: As a charity we are committed to reaching groups and individuals who experience disadvantage and isolation. To this end we turn our skills and resources into transformative and educational tools delivering creative experiential activities where they are most needed within our community. Find out here about our educational workshops, Storybox sessions and reminiscence provision.

Party Hire: Individuals can hire costumes too, from £25 an outfit. We're not a fancy dress shop but if you're after a vintage or theatrical look, we can help you. Our customers include professional film, TV and theatre companies and they also hire from us at this rate.

Through your combined support and by hiring instead of buying, you help to subsidise the low rates we offer to our beneficiary groups, fund our Sussex outreach programme and actively join us in reducing textile waste. Together we enable community projects to thrive sustainably.

We look forward to welcoming you at Gladrags soon.

Please contact us for bookings or further information

To offer donations of costumes or artefacts, please read our info on donating items HERE.

Opening times by appointment only ****************************** Tuesdays 10am to 6pm Thursdays 10am to 6pm Fridays 10am to 6pm ******************************

Call us:

In opening hours: 01273 609184
Out of hours: 07940 295623


Unit 10 Westergate Business Centre
Westergate road

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